Vintage Dresser Make Over


Whoever invited chalk paint is brilliant. NO sanding OR priming is involved! Makes for a quick transformation to any piece of furniture. That being said here is what I found using it.

Pro: Dries quickly, 30-45 min between each coat, (like I mentioned) no sanding or priming.

Con: The coating is very think and heavy, leaves brush marks, and a little more on the pricy side.

Overall we are happy with it because for an indoor paint project it was done in a few hours and this room isn’t super well lit so you can’t really see the imperfections such as the paint brush marks. If you’re a paint perfectionist I would not recommend this, but if you’re looking for a quick easy solution to make over a piece of furniture this will be right up your alley! This piece of furniture is laminate so it would have been a huge pain to try and paint it other wise.

The BEFORE of this dresser that I found from Facebook market place. It was listed for $350 and I negotiated the price down to $140. Not bad for a vintage piece. 
After purchasing hardware from home depot and giving it a try, (see below with the larger knobs, so BAD but sometimes it takes seeing it to rethink it) I decided to go back to the original knobs that came with the dresser. The new ones were way too big and overpowering. I decided to paint the orginal knobs black with chalk paint: 
See how bulky the knobs are?!
This worked fine, I put two coats of paint on each knob and then a clear coat each coat dried in 30 min so it wasn’t bad! Although I think it would have been faster and coated more equally if I would have spray painted them (which if you live in a small place you can always use a box to spray paint in so it doesn’t get every where).
SO happy with how the knobs turned out! Just a subtle pop of black and keeping the originality of the dresser in tact.

Products needed for this project:

  • Matte chalk paint (I got the aged grey)
  • Purdy paint brush (worth it to have a nice one)
  • Satin clear coat
  • Tarp to lay down to paint the furniture on (or I just used a piece of paper under each leg of the dresser, although I don’t recommend that if you have an old sheet or shower curtain to use that would be better than paper so it doesn’t stick to the furniture)

To start I made sure the dresser was clean, I wiped it down with Clorox wipes and dried it. Then I just began painting it. I did two coats of Matte chalk paint in the aged grey. I then put on two clear coats (both took only 1/2 hour to dry). Pretty easy and love how it turned out.

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