German Shmear


My aunt has this 40 + year old fireplace that we wanted to update since it is the room that is right off of the kitchen. I debated if we should paint it black, white, but I just love the stone so much and painting it felt like it would be too stark. I wanted to freshen up the fireplace but keep the natural warmth of the stone.

I found this image below on Pinterest, and fell in love with the style of German schemer and thought I would give it a try!


Materials Needed:

  • drill & drill mixing attachment
  • sponge
  • rubber gloves
  • 1 bag of Mortar
  • steel putty knife
  • bucket/water

Step 1:

Cover the surrounding floor and any parts you wouldn’t want to get messy (because it does drip or slop sometimes if you’re not careful). I just used plastic garbage bags and a tarp.

Step 2:

Start off by mixing the mortar and water together. The hardest part is getting the consistency. I ended up having it too runny so had to had a little more mortar until it was the consistency of peanut butter.

Step 3:

Use steel knife scrapper to apply the mortar on the grout. Just start smearing in sections. Before it drys take a wet sponge and wipe it so it drys smoothly (make sure to have gloves on).

Repeat this process until you make your way across the whole surface you want covered.

Here it is all done! I am so please with how it turned out! ( I also shared a video process on my IG page under story highlights)

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