Doll House Makeover


My friend was getting rid of this old doll house and asked if I would like it. I originally thought no, NO WAY we could fit this big doll house in our place. When I saw the doll house in person, I just couldn’t help but want to breathe life into it!

Tay and I spent three weeks (at night when the kids were sleeping) working on the doll house. We would hide the house in Tay’s closet (which thank the heavens it fit) when we weren’t working on it. I am going to share where I got most my materials as well as where some of you recommend to go.

A lot of material I already had on hand. The doll house came with some wood furniture that I painted, such as the kitchen table, bed, and sofa (which I “reupholstered”). The bathroom set is from HERE. It is a smaller scale and would not work for barbies, but does work great for the Calico critters we got.

The hot glue was my best friend for this project! I used it to glue all the wood pieces for the roof and anything else that needed to be mounted.

Great places to get doll house furniture/materials:

  • Micheals (that is where I got all the small wood pieces/beams)
  • Hobby Lobby
  • The Tiny Doll House (that is where I got the adorable little light fixtures)
  • FB Market place (I found lots of people selling their old doll houses to if you are looking for one cheap to fix up)
  • Craigslist
  • Amazon
  • Etsy (oh my gosh you guys would die they have the cutest custom furniture I just wouldn’t receive it on time with covid so give yourself time for shipping if you have a deadline).

The little shelf hanger above the toilet is just a piece of wood and push pins painted black. (I literally meant it when I took a lot of the materials from my house).

Darling wallpaper from Chasing Paper (just took some left over from Madeleine’s closet.

This sweet picture is my Grandma Maxine’s ranch. She past away over a year ago and it was so special to be able to include it in the kitchen which to me is the heart of the home! (for the kitchen countertops we just used left over material we used for ours you can find HERE).

Adding these fun color changing puck lights added such a magical glow to the doll house Christmas morning. This is by far the best thing we have given to our kids. It was a labor of love and they have played with it every day since Christmas. Owen’s reaction was so priceless he combed every detail and thanked me for the hard work (It was fun to see him be just as elated about it). So if you see an old doll house laying around don’t hesitate to make it YOURS!

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