Entryway Makeover


We have lived in our apartment for one year and it seemed time to give attention to our entryway. We did add a new light fixture, mirror and hooks but it just needed a little more to complete it. I have loved the wood trim in our previous apartment on walls but knew we couldn’t take a nail gun to the wall. I saw this youtube tutorial from DIY Dalia and was totally inspired to use command strips to apply the wood trim on our walls. It definitely is NOT perfect but we appreciate the change. The wallpaper is a fun bold pop. Still on the hunt for a good neutral rug but overall SO happy with the change.

BEFORE: Here is a picture of the entryway right after I added the wood trim with command strips (you can see more of that in detail on my IG highlights under “entryway”)
It was really important to us to make this space pretty but functional. The hooks are a must, a mirror is always great to have in the entryway before you head out also making the narrow space feel larger. The basket is nice to throw random shoes in, we have shoes in the entryway closet and the kids each have a designated basket under the bench in the dining area (which is located right off the entryway).
I love this rug but going to add a neutral one so the pattern doesn’t conflict with the wallpaper.
Love this happy spot in our home now! Don’t be afraid to make updates even if you’re renting.


Planter | Dip Stool | Anthro Hook (similar opt. 1) | Anthro Hook (similar opt 2) | Basket | Framed Art work | Light fixture | KEY holder | Mirror | Anewall

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