Sticker Floor Tiles — A Round-Up


One of the fastest ways to change the look of a room is to change the flooring, but that can be difficult when the budget is a little tight or you’re renting and can’t make permanent changes. Enter sticker floor tiles! I have used them in my home multiple times and I can attest to not only how easy they are to apply, but also how durable they can be. They really can update a room to whatever style you’re going for and are so quick to put down that can be done in an afternoon. Once you want another change or are moving out, just peel them right off and there really shouldn’t be any residue at all. Check out how I’ve used them in my home!

Similar Bathroom Floor Tiles
Bathroom Floor Tiles
They haven’t launched this print yet but here is a similar option! For all the details on how to easily apply sticker tiles read HERE
Love the look of this rustic tile in this bathroom!
Add a fun pop of color to any room. Image via Pinterest.
This tile changes the whole vibe of the room! Image via Pinterest.

Here are some other fun sticker tiles that I gathered for you!

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