NYC Rental Bathroom Makeover with floor tiles!


We finally got around to updating the bathroom in the entryway. We only have two bathrooms but this one always felt so stark, especially with no windows, it just needed some life to it.

Here is the BEFORE:

We added these floor pops that are very simple to apply.
Materials need:
wall scrapper (similar)
utility knife (to cut around corners, toilet, sink)
not necessary but a nice finishing touch, caulk.
Floor pops, we got ours from Joann’s but they are currently out of stock. Here are similar ones (link at the end of this post).

1. Clean floors really well and dried them.
2. Start to lay down the tiles, make sure to line up the pattern.
3. Use utility knife to cut around edges, measure as need with measuring tape.
4. Caulk around sink. toilet for a nice finishing touch and also to help from water getting through the cracks! (you can see video and how we did it in motion here on my IG story highlights under “bathroom update”)

So happy with how it turned out! Makes such a difference!

Now for the styling and finish decor touches with Serena and Lilly! We added these beautiful beach towels, which as you all know we don’t have a lot of storage space in our apartment so we are also utilizing these beautiful beach towels as our regular towels in the bathroom. They are seriously the prettiest beach towels ever.

The plant is a faux plant since we have no natural light in this space. I am all about real plants but I really wanted to add greenery so this is the closest I could come to it! I used this hook I got off amazon, (or I just found this hook that is even more esthetically pleasing) since command strips just would not hold it! (Links to all products below)

Am I the only one who uses beach towels as regular towels?! I would normally never choose to use them as our regular bath towels but they work really well for both.

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