Surprise Kitchen Remodel


This is one of the most special projects I have done. It has been hard and taken months of work to prep but so glad we are now seeing the amazing benefits from it.

The images below show my Aunt’s kitchen. She is a single mom that has raised 4 boys on her own, all while working 3 jobs and dealing with various health issues. Despite all this she has served and given so much to those around her. I kept having impressions to remodel her kitchen last summer but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I wanted it to be a surprise but kinda hard to keep this big of a project under wraps. I ended up telling my aunt we are going to do this! She was so excited but I kept the design plans from her (that was the surprise part).

During this kitchen’s 40+ year life the only updates that have been made are the flooring (which is linoleum), paint, and recently new appliances.

We ended up moving the door on the back wall (which is the garage door) over so we could fit the fridge and a pantry there which is other wise unused space.


I really wanted to lighten the space, I drew inspiration from these images above found VIA Pinterest. Here is the design board I came up with:

Dinning Nook Mood board:

My family and I flew out to Utah to over see the project. We got the beautiful flooring and cabinets installed. So happy with how it is going so far. The cabinet people accidentally knocked over a can of paint and spilled on the new flooring. Thankfully for our awesome GC he spent 3 hours cleaning it up. I will continue to share the process on my IG stories!

I am grateful I get to pay it forward to this amazing women. Its a win win, I get to do what I love and she gets a new kitchen!

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