7 hour Surprise Living Room Makeover for My Aunt!


When I originally took on this project I really wanted the kitchen to be cohesive with the living room (since the two rooms are adjoining). After designing the kitchen I couldn’t help myself and started brainstorming how I could update the living room and make those two rooms more cohesive. The fireplace is the main focal point in the room and I knew it needed some love. I had fun doing the German smear to the fireplace (you can read more about that HERE). Another major update that was really affordable that I decided to do was painting the banister black. Both those changes really helped bring this space up to date! After I did those two DIYs I took on making over the whole room while my aunt was away at work. It was an intense day to say the least!

My Aunt left for work and I had 7 hours with my kids to transform this room! I had my Dad help me carry out the existing furniture but then he had to leave. The furniture arrived at 11 AM, it was all SO STUNNING although due to Covid the delivery people were unable to take the furniture in the house (only outside in the front yard). I scrambled for help by calling Tay (he was on work calls) I called anyone I knew close by to come help but NO one was answering! As I sat there overwhelmed, my son Owen offered to help (I love that kid he has such a big heart). Desperately I wanted this to be a surprise but had no idea how I could get it done. I had a feeling to stop complaining and keep going. As I started assembling furniture that I could carry in, 30 min later the general contractor showed up and took 10 min to help me carry bigger items in (bless his heart)!

It was a miracle! This may seem simple but it was huge in that moment when I needed help! I was able to get everything assembled in the living room just in time for My aunt to arrive home (I did end up sending her to pick up food to buy me some extra time)!

Now here is the transformation! I feel like it now ties so well with the kitchen!



My Aunt’s reaction was gold! She was shocked, grateful and I just couldn’t think of a more deserving Mom who has spent years of giving. My hope is that every time she walks into this room she feels SO MUCH LOVE!

Huge thank you to Article, Urban Loft Window Treatments & Ruggable for sponsoring this project!

All beautiful images taken by my talented friend, Sarah.

Gallery Wall (for personal touch):

The gallery wall I did so fast, I stole her family pictures and had them printed in black & white. The frames from Ikea, I hung them 3″ apart from each other. If you have a level it is helpful but I just eyed it because I was in a hurry. Absolutely love how it made the space more personal for her to come home and see her family on the wall.

Sofa | Rug | Chairs | Floor Lamp | Ottoman/Pouf | Coffee Table | Roman Shades | Drapery | Lumbar Pillow | Decor Pillows | Round Mirror | Gold Frames | Wood Frames | Faux Plant | Tree (from Cactus & Tropicals) | Faux Flowers

Can’t wait to show more projects with you! This was definitely one of the most special ones I have ever done! Thank you for following along!

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