Surprise Office Makeover for Tay


My husband, Tay has been working remotely ever since we moved from NYC to Utah. The current desk we have was just too small for him especially with his height he couldn’t even put his legs under the desk. Tay has been wanting a standing desk ever since we moved in, I always found them to be a sore eye and not even sure how I could design a space that would make it look decent. My view when designing a space is that it can ALWAYS be esthetically pleasing AND functional. I tested my own theory and found a standing desk that is nice quality and looks nice! It was a win win. The desk is very modern to me so I used the drapery and the thrifted lamp I found to help offset the straight lines of the desk that in my opinion would be to harsh without the contrast.


This is located in our bedroom, we have a very large master bedroom and dedicated this side to Tay’s work space, which he NEVER works at because like I mentioned above he had no leg room with this small white desk we got from CB2.


I absolutely love this framed picture of our family from Minted. It was the piece that inspired the whole space. The warmth of the walnut frame with the black and white picture is so timeless to me. I also was happy I got to leave little note to Tay, “I love you Tay” hope he always remembers that. I find it cliche to have words on photos but for some reason this one didn’t seem too bad!

Tay is very happy with the space and is now actually working at desk!

Links to Products:

Standing Desk (works so great for people that get sick of seating and would like to stand, also very sleek looking only thing I don’t like is that there are no drawers for storage).

Rug (rug was a shot in the dark, but was extremely pleased with it! Especially being from Amazon!)

Custom Framed art (minted has such good quality prints! was happy with how the custom picture and print made the space complete and personal).

Office Chair (There were 1 or 2 reviews on this chair mentioning it was not comfortable but everything else about it was so perfect so I decided to take a chance, glad I did because it is the perfect amount of comfort and firmness to sit, we have loved it so far. Obviously everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to office chairs).

Drapery (great price for what we got! They are black out to, which we don’t care for but makes it nice if you like to have a dark room while you sleep).

Curtain Rod (another item I was please with and very affordable after spending hours looking for a rod that was 144″)

Lamp (is thrifted)

Tree (similar, ours is real from a local plant store called Cactus & Tropical)

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