Bathroom Remodel In Park City Condo


This bathroom we put so much work into. It honestly was just as costly and much work as the kitchen. Contractors make such a big difference. We originally had a great one but he was a little out of our price range. We decided to go with this other one and majorly regret it. He installed the shower floor incorrectly three times (the water didn’t drain), so he had to pull it up and redo it three separate times. After this experience we went back to the more costly contractor to finish the kitchen and other random work around the condo that needed to be done. It was definitely worth money to pay a little extra for good work! The rest of the work we did ourselves, patching, painting, wallpaper installation, I also painted the vanity and so happy I did, such a fun contrast against the wallpaper.


Design Plan:

Gorgeous, unique door hardware from Nostalgic Hardware! I can’t speak highly enough of their quality we used their hardware throughout the whole condo and in the kitchen.

This shower tile makes this space! So stunning it is from Riad Tile. Each piece of tile is uniquely made making no piece exactly the same but still uniform.

Overall we are so happy with how this bathroom turned out! Such a fun neutral space with pops of green and the deer on the wallpaper to keep with the forest theme of our mountain condo.

Links to Products:


Beautiful mosaic shower tile

Large black rectangle tile

Herringbone shower floor tile

Vanity faucet

Shower head

Vanity Mirror

Wall scones


Stunning black hardware

Recessed lighting

Soap bottles

Black towel holders

Art above toilet (similar)

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