Fall Kitchen Home Decor


Settling into our new rental, the kitchen is always the first thing I like to get situated. Shortly after moving in I got sick (you can read more about that here) Now fall is upon us and it has been fun to decorate with more moody pieces. I even tried to get decor that could work as Christmas decor to. It is nice to invest in pieces that will last longer than just a month.

The kitchen is older, more rustic vibe. I love the shelves that offer some visual interest against the wooden cabinets.

These LED candles are so AMAZING. I love them, Tay thought they were real and was wondering why I stuck them right under the cabinet haha. I found them in different colors HERE (more pricey) and I got these black ones HERE that were like half the cost and literally the SAME (I bought them both so I can tell you quality is the exact same just the amazon ones come with a remote which is so nice.

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