Madeleine & Elle’s Room Reveal In Our Midway Home


We are currently renting our midway home, but you know that doesn’t stop me from making it a space that my family can feel at home in. It is finding that peace of mind during the in between phases of life. I try to be mindful of anything I buy that I could potentially use in the future so it doesn’t feel wasteful.

The prettiest free standing bunk bed out there! We have had this bed for 5 years and it has treat us well.

Large basket is great for toy storage and the darling little stroller that also Kinda looks like a basket.

We were able to use most everything that we already had just purchased two things to add to the room (the wallpaper & a dresser off FB marketplace). I love being able to reuse items we have had in the past and seeing them used in a different space.

This is the dresser we got off FB market place. I am debating if I want to sand it down/or try using the oven cleaner like so many people have mentioned to strip it. Although I only hesitate because of the light wood of the bunk bed would clash with the light wood of the dresser (but obviously different types of wood). I like the contrast of the darker antique dresser and the modern light bed. So fun to see different styles in the same space to offset each other.

I am in no rush so if I do decide to redo the dresser, I promise you will know about it! For now I am admiring a complete room that feels so refreshing to walk into.

Product Links:

Bunk bed



Dresser (thrifted)

Table lamp

Floor lamp



Large Basket


Art Print (New York)


Hook (similar)

Sketch of Woman (above hook)

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