Our Rustic Traditional Entryway Reveal


After searching on FB Market place for awhile and while I found so many cool antique pieces all of them were big. Finally found something that would be a slightly smaller than the length of this wall and the depth just right so it wouldn’t crowd our kitchen table. It is so nice to define the space! The blank white wall was feeling so empty and now it is warm and welcoming.



After sanding it down, painting it black it is the perfect contrast to all the variations of wood we have in the space.

Links To Products:

Art | Entryway table (similar) | Baskets | Lamp (look alike find) | Gold frame art work | Styling Book | white vase | Frame to the large piece of art is a DIY but the base of it is from Ikea.

Styled For Halloween:

Bats | creepy fabric | Candles | Candle holder | Cork glass bottles (similar)

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