Transitional Little Girl’s Room Update


When renting it can be hard to want to invest in the space. I really didn’t like being in the girl’s room, it felt stark, I wanted to paint it but we can’t. The walls are extremely tall and have lots of angles, I decided to use removable wallpaper to add some color and pattern into the space.

If you have been following me for awhile you know we have rented for years and it is hard to live in a space that isn’t yours. To me it has always been worth investing in a space that we live in and call home.



Truly am amazed at how much just using what we own and adding just a new rug & wallpaper added to the space.

This rug is so pretty and helps hide the ugly carpet haha! We got a 6×9′ rug for the space.

The girl’s love their new room (Madeleine is still in a crib but we will add a mattress underneath the bottom bunk soon when we transition her to a big bed).

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