Quaint Park City Loft- Making Every Space Count!


This was a small little space off of the loft in our Park city condo. It was full of Christmas decor/ junk we had to clear out. This project was sparked from my frustration about the window installers having to break the bars to the bunk bed I just built. I was so mad I went and bought paint (without sampling) and just went for it. Usually I like to create a mood board to see how the space will come together but my frustration fulled this project. I don’t recommend just throwing a room together but everything seemed to fall into place.

Our condo is an AIRBNB located in park city for anyone interested in staying!

This space reminds me that no man should be left behind! The area is quite small and seems like not much room to do anything with, although now it is a magical spot for little people to play and create. How unfortunate it would have been if we just left it as it was.

Paint went a long ways, really made the space feel unique and we just used left over wallpaper from our NYC apt.

My kids love this little space and always love to hid out in here.

Paint color: Solitude BM

Wallpaper: We love this wallpaper and had it in our New York apt! Absolutely darling and easy to apply.

Fox pillow: So darling and incredible soft! (also on sale right now)

Round rug: such a darling unique rug, made for a bathroom but fits perfect here.

small basket: You know I am all about baskets for storage!

Light fixture:

Desk & chairs were custom built/a gift to us a few years ago.

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