Park City Condo Bunk Room Reveal


When we saw the listing to this condo when it was for sale, this room was the design that came the easiest to me. I just could easily visualize exactly how I wanted everything to look. Executing was a lot harder. Took weeks and so much patience after making mistakes here and there but happy with the end product. I don’t have specific DIY instructions because we kinda were just learning as we went although we did get some inspiration from this blog post:

We am so happy with how this turned out fun to see the process of the project over time and how it went from this jimmy rigged situation to built in bunk beds (same layout just different look)!



Started with a blank slate. Mapping out the space, measuring the room and how it would all flow. Took hours figuring out the math since the walls were not even and we weren’t just doing a bunk bed but doubles with queen’s on the bottom which took a lot of time to map out.

So grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this project with my Dad, he taught me so much and how to use some of the heavy power tools I am not used to. Although if you are ever stuck on how to use a power tool I always go to Youtube and that has been very helpful.

This was the exciting part seeing the bed all come together. Honestly this project was emotionally draining at times as it took so long to figure everything out, I am not really a crier but I did get a little emotional standing back and admiring all our hard work that definitely paid off!

The final product:

I used THIS spray gun to paint the whole bed and it turned out really well, I did make a mistake by doing some touch ups with a paint brush instead of a paint gun, you can see up close the parts of the bed where I did that. Highly recommend using the spray gun for the whole thing, even when doing touch ups.

Break down of the project:

Cost: $4, 500 for materials (the wood, stair treads, paint, everything not including the mattresses, bedding, and decorative items).

Paint color:

Walls/ China White by SW

Base molding/ Modern Gray by SW

Door color/ Silver Celadon by Behr

Comforter | Duvet | Sheets | Decorative Pillows (tan) | Green Lumbar Pillows | Runner | Wall sconces | stair tread | hardware | spray gun (gun I used to spray paint the bunk beds) |

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