Little City Girl Room Reveal


One of the things I love most about designing little kid’s rooms is taking what they love and making it a magical space for them to play in and also for the parents to enjoy as well. This mama (who is also my sweet friend) wanted her daughter to have a desk for school and a place to store toys, books, and display art work. Here are some ways we made that happen!


As you can tell she loves unicorns so we channeled that love into a beautiful art print that is now hung above the bed (win for daughter and mom).

The wall sconces are just installed with no wiring we got this idea from Nest Grace with the “magic light trick”.

Really happy with how we were able to make this wall a functional space. We kept the Ikea bookshelf that was original to the room and just turned it vertically to allow space for a desk and a place to display precious crafted art work above.

We switched the black bins for pretty baskets. You all know how much I love baskets! They are functional and pretty! (another before shot of this wall bellow)


Wallpaper | Green decor pillows | Yellow velvet pillow|Pink lumbar pillow | Rug (simlar) |Nightstands | Daybed | Unicorn Art | Wall sconces | Desk | Baskets | Pouf chair | Floor lamp | Desk lamp | Cork board | Duvet | Baskets (on shelves)

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  1. The green sconces have a broken link. I’d love to know where you got them. Also, did you do electrical work to get those connected? The before photo doesn’t show any connection on the wall.

    1. H! Sorry just fixed it and the wall sconces are not wired. We just added a wall puck under it with a command strip. got the idea from Nest with Grace “the magic light trick”.

  2. Hi! This room is amazing! Do you remember what size of La Jolla basket this is? I’m debating between the medium and large to house stuffed animals!