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I am sharing how we make this one bedroom work for all three of our kids. It is hard having three kids all in one room sometimes but the best way to make it work has been to have their own spaces. Having Owen up top with a shelf to hold books, little things he doesn’t want to be touched (also helps him to be above Elle so they can’t see each other at night when they are trying to fall asleep). Elle has a small basket by her bed she keeps her books and papers in that Owen knows to not touch. Sometimes we take down the ladder so Elle won’t go up in Owen’s bed we do allow them to sleep in the same bed on the weekends because we don’t mind them keeping each other up later and chatting.

We still have Madeleine sleep by us at night in a bassinet but during the day she takes naps in the crib in the closet. Owen and Elle have the same sleeping schedule but Madeleine doesn’t not and that is why we have her in the closet to separate them.

We store all books on the shelf above and we have a basket of books on the floor.

We got the Oeuf bed but didn’t get the bottom Frame because we didn’t really need it. Elle was only two years old when we transferred her from a crib to a big girl bed and having the mattress low to the ground was essential. When Madeleine outgrows her crib this bunk bed with the trundle underneath will be the perfect solution. You can also uses it for toy storage/clothing storage if you don’t need an extra mattress/trundle.
Here is Madeleine’s crib. Since Tay and I have our Murphy bed in the living room I utilized this closet to be for Madeleine as well as a space for my clothes/shoes. You can get dresser HERE & shoe holder HERE.
We have 1 large basket for large toys, a cloth bin for stuffed animals/dress ups. Then we have the baskets on the shelf for small items like legos, cars, magnatiles/blocks. That is all the toys we have! We do not let anything exceed these baskets. if they start to overspill then we make a trip to goodwill. It is so nice/essential to me to keep a limit on the toys. I can not handle having things in our home that do not have a place. 
Baskets from the Container store . Large basket is from home goods. Similar basket HERE.
Large basket with Lid you can get HERE. Pom pom basket HERE.
We have really love this space for our kids! If you want your kids to be able to help clean up easily make sure to have a spot for all the toys and don't have a plethora of toys to overwhelm the space. Feel free to ask any questions! You can find all links to the large furniture items HERE! 

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  1. Hey Crystal, you have inspired me! We are doing a massive cull, so much is going, also I bought a bird in paradise plant!!
    Cheers Danielle