Friday Finds — Bathroom Essentials

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For today’s Friday Finds I have done a round-up pf bathroom essentials that can take the space from barely functional to one that is not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The key is to have items that can help you stay organized – especially in a small space – but also provide a little bit of luxury. Things like really plush towels, a soft bath rug, and a bath caddy to place your items on while taking a bath can really make a difference in there!

For organization, place a hamper that can serve as extra toilet paper holder or extra towels and ditch the ugly packaging of cotton balls and q-tips and get cute glass containers that won’t take up much space but will still look good. And last but not least add decor to the bathroom by getting a fun print framed that you like or even a photo of a place that you enjoy and don’t forget a candle to make sure it always smells nice. See below how I put together some of my bathrooms as well as other bathroom inspo!

Loved having this stool for the kids in the bathroom!
One of our other bathrooms in NYC, it’s nice to add some art or a candle to the space!
Relax during bath time with a caddy that can hold a book and a drink
These towels and bath rug are the softest towels and they look really luxe as well

Check out other bathroom must haves below

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