Simple & Pretty Pantry Organization Reveal


May seem mundane to take the time and to dump packaged food into containers & canisters. I have found that when I do this we as a family stay more organized. The kids know there is a spot for everything so when I ask them to clean up they know where each item goes. Over time the closet/space definitely will need to be spruced up but I found this helps prolong the next deep clean out. (all links to products are at the bottom of the page).

When organizing I have found that It is helpful to group items that make sense, the baking items all on a shelf, snacks, pastas, canned goods, food storage, etc. Mentally this helps me as I try to place all the items on the shelf. Doesn’t seem like much but sometimes it can be overwhelming to clean out a big closet. This process helps simplify the amount of time you stare at everything wondering where to put anything.

I keep the snack jar at a spot where my kids can reach it and just high enough my 2 year old can’t (doesn’t mean it won’t stop her but helps for sure to not have it at eye level). I have enjoyed these glass containers to hold snacks, especially as I am making lunches every night, I can visually see what we have.

Any loose items (bags or boxes), I stack neatly or place in the bins.

Placed food storage on the bottom and the appliances on the top shelf area since they are heavy.

Always start a little bit at a time when organizing your home. Start with one closet a week (or month), it can be overwhelming so just do little by little.

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