Kitchen Organization


In the 12 years of being married to Tay we have had 8 different kitchens. Mostly all small but each one we have done our best to make them work for our needs. Over time I have found staple organization items that I want to share with you some items we have found to help keep the kitchen more tidy and functional.

Let’s start with the drawers!

These bamboo inserts are so amazing because you can pick where to put the dividers while maximizing the whole drawer space.

Fridges are hard for us we always seem to mess them up pretty quickly although they do seem to last a little longer in between cleanings when we have bins and spots for general items.

Lazy susans! My new favorite purchase so great. Especially for all the random sauces, etc.

Medicine cabinets are also quick to get messy but baskets, shelves, lazy susans are all great ways to help keep it neat!

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