A Kitchen With No Pantry


Our last apartment had a really nice-sized pantry (for NYC standards, you can see how I organized that kitchen HERE), although we love our current kitchen! We have poured so much love into this little space. We painted the cabinets, added new hardware, light fixture (which still is not properly hung yet!), added shelves, wall sconce, and a window shade! It has come a long way. If you follow my IG stories you know Tay’s hobby is to cook/bake (which best hobby ever! Our whole family benefits from that lovely hobby!). He buys kitchen gadgets often but I really make him think about what we actually NEED/use. We just don’t have anywhere to store too much extra stuff if we don’t use it daily. Here is a peek into our cabinets and how we keep things organized. You can shop our kitchen HERE, but I have shared all organization products at the bottom of this post.

Since we don’t have a pantry we had to get creative how to maximize these cabinets. We placed all baking good products in one cabinet, snacks, crackers on a shelve, pasta, bread, dry goods on the top. All in clear containers so we can see what the product is.
Image VIA pinterest. I eventually would like to move towards glass jars instead of our plastic ones like this image above.
The baskets on top are for the things we don’t use as much such as medicine, cupcake holders, candles, food coloring, other random baking goods used more on occasion.
Our fridge is small but we try our best to keep it tidy, weekly I try to do a quick straightening of it and make sure to use up any food that is about to go bad.
This used to be a blank wall we added the shelves, cart, and wall sconce, really brought the little area to life. This area has also been amazing for extra storage space!
That is the little kitchen tour of our cabinets! To see a full tour you can see my IG "kitchen cabinet tour" under highlights. 

Organization Products:
fridge containers, white basket bins, glass spice jars, labels for spice jars, airtight containers, snack jar. 

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