Closet Organization


We have three closets in our apartment, want a tour of them all?! We have maximized them to the fullest, making the kid’s closet a place to host my clothes and Madeleine’s nursery. I have had some people ask why we have her crib in the closet and it is because of our kid’s different sleeping schedules (hard to have all three kids in one room go to sleep at the same time). Although we have not put Madeleine in the crib yet (she still sleeps next to us in a bassinet) I have heard this tip from other mom’s here in NYC that have babies in closets for the same reason.

If you notice we have shoe bin hanger on each closet door! So nice to utilize the back of the doors in a neat way. For our hall closet we use it to store gloves, hats, cloth bags, sun glasses, shoes, etc. They are only like $10 (link below).

Pouf, dresser, shoe rack hanger, baskets, mini crib, wallpaper, ball lights

Tay’s closet is right by our Murphy bed in the living room. He had to simplify his closet when we moved here and he has done really well to live with less! The best thing about living small, is it forces us to be mindful of what we have in our home. In Tay’s closet we have a bin above of Elle’s old clothes, food storage, and behind the dresser we have our suitcases that we use to hold our travel gear.

dresser bins, hanging shelves, laundry bin(similar), shoe hanger, grey case

Our hall closet is where we store tools, holiday decor, food storage, pictures, papers, arts/craft supplies, sports equipment. Hard to make it as neat as the other’s because it is like our apartment garage! The organization bins have really helped, wanting to get a bins to store our water so that is not such an eye sore! For now it works.

Bins, baskets, coat rack hangers, shoe hanger

How many closets do you have? I find it nice to have less because it means less stuff in general!

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