Tried & True Sofa Round Up


Sofa’s are always an investment, they are expensive and usually take months to arrive. We have had a few favorites now over the years I am excited to share with you. If you have pets and children I highly recommend performance fabric, definitely helps withstand all the stains.

This sofa we got in performance fabric. It has so far held up against our kids chocolate hands and spills (also ink)!

This sofa from Six penny is newer but we have found it is the perfect accent sofa or apartment sofa/a smaller space.

The daybed and sofa are both from Article. They have affordable furniture and holds up nicely!

We really loved this sofa we had in NYC it also did great to wash out any stains! We would use Folex to get stains out followed up with washing it then hang dry the fabric. Would always look good good as new!

This sofa is from Room & board, also a sleeper sofa (the most comfortable sleeper sofa ever. It just felt like you were sleeping on a sofa but it didn’t have the awful thin spring mattress.

This sofa is under 1k, great option for renting or if you need one but not in a financial position to spend thousands. I used this in a client’s NYC apartment and it has been great for their small space and surprisingly comfortable.

I recently discovered this company, Salt Sofas they are a newer company and so happy we were able to have this sectional from them in our Airbnb in PC. It is so perfect. It is very comfortable, deep, the back height is perfect, really like the dark fabric to so it hides any imperfections that I am sure will company being in a rental.

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