Our New Lot & Design Plans


It has been one year since we moved from NY. We bought this rental property in Park City, Utah and renovated (now an AIRBNB), during the renovation process of the condo we wanted to be close by. We found an area in Utah we love and thought it would be fun to rent there while we figure out our next steps for our family.

After looking on Zillow every single day for almost a year with no luck, I started to feel discouraged. It wasn’t until our land lord of the place we were currently renting wanted to occupy the home so we had to move in 2 months. Tay called and told me the news and that just kicked my butt in gear. I started getting the numbers of owners with land that have not built on them yet. After doing some cold calling a gentlemen said he was actually in the area and he could show me the lot he owns (this is in a neighborhood we really love, we don’t have the views as much but at this time in our life we care more about having a good neighborhood to raise our kids). The lot was going for triple what he had paid for it just two years ago. It was painful to know the price that they were selling for, we negotiated a price we felt was fare. The man that owned the land said he wasn’t planning to sell but since I called he thought he might as well (insert the biggest smiles and hallelujah from Tay and I)! We couldn’t believe it.

Here is our lot it is one acre. This still feels like a dream and I think it will take awhile for us to break ground because of the whole process of getting an architect, getting plans approved by HOA, then breaking ground, etc I think we won’t even start breaking ground for a year.

Another miracle happened during all of this. There is pretty much nothing in regards to rentals in the area we wanted to be in. Some very kind soul reached out to me on IG when I mentioned we had to be out of our rental. She said they are moving out of their awesome rental and told me to come see it. I did and I knew it was the perfect fit for our family AND right BY our land where we are building! I am always a firm believer things work out and they don’t always work out the way we plan but God definitely had a better plan than I did for our family.

In the meantime we are starting to interview architects and put together the exterior/interior home design we are wanting to go for. This is what has spoken to us as of late:

Image/ https://jewkesdesign.com/custom-home-design/

This first home reminds me of the New England homes out east and I LOVE that style, although I don’t know if it will really fit with the neighborhood we live in might have to combine a little bit of it with this style:

Image/ Tucklandscape

The stone, the cream pane windows. All so stunning and timeless.

Image/ Tiek Group Design
Image/ https://www.homewardesign.com/our-work
Image/ https://www.homewardesign.com/our-work

This is the look we are wanting, cozy, inviting, traditional with maybe some vintage/transitional pieces of furniture. Can’t wait to share the process as we go through our first time building a home!

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