Crystal & Tay Primary Bedroom


Our bedroom is about the same size of our first apartment. It is so massive! When we end up buying or building a home we will probably never have a room this size so we are slowly furnishing it but also keeping in mind things that will fit into a smaller room. I would love to paint and add wood details to the walls but will save that for our future home. The most important pieces are here though, our bed and bedding we absolutely love! We got some good quality sheets from Boll & Branch, always happy with their products.

The art above the bed represents our new stage of life right now and the beautiful place we are currently calling home. (I love how art can speak to a person and their life).

We ordered two lamps for our thrifted nightstands and they still have not come (which we weren’t really expecting them until spring). We got the beautiful table lamp on the right and I like the idea of balancing the other nightstand with more unique items. I love symmetry but I equally appreciate asymmetrical design.

Always like to add personal pictures. Makes the space feel like OURS.

We still have some work to do in this space but I love having our own private space and comfortable bed!

Links to Products:

Night stands / Bed frame / Bedding – Duvet / Sheets / Throw blanket / Table lamp / Brass floral frame / Art (above bed) / Frame (for art above bed) / Rug / Candle wall sconce (similar) / Bench

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