Coffee Table Round Up


The coffee table has made this room feel so much more complete! Like all the other pieces in our living room we have waited months for and it is worth the wait.

A coffee table adds so much to a space, it is like a center piece for the room. We used it as a foot rest, to set items on that are visually pleasing to the eye. We also clear it off and play card games on it. If you have small children you’re worried about braking items, just purchase items that will not break (such as books, candle sticks, wood blocks, etc). I have found that my kids get used to items being there and they don’t touch them, but most things I don’t mind if they do (like I got a wood tic tac toe game visually pretty but also fun and functional).

Below is a round up of coffee tables that are all around or under 1k. For what we paid for our coffee table we are very impressed with the quality and how sturdy it is (it is as solid as it looks)!

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