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We are so fortunate to rent this beautiful home for the next year while we renovate our condo in Park City, Utah. I am not going to hold back making this a place we love to be and can comfortable call home (even if it is only for a year). We kept our table we had in our old New York apartment and I am SO glad we did. Fits like a glove in this space! We ordered these chairs from Homary and they came within 3 weeks! I have not ordered anything from this company before but took a chance and ended up being such a great purchase! The furniture is sturdy and the design to me is so timeless and classic.

Here is how I took this blank slate and made it more cozy:

Art: a large piece of art with a picture light above or a gallery wall (like mine) make such a difference for a back drop. Personalizing the space and making it feel more like a home.

Add 2 or one decor items as the centerpiece. I wouldn’t do more than 3 (would make the table feel cluttered).

Lighting and furniture make such a difference. We can’t change this light fixture so we are making it work with the space. I like how the chairs add some soft curves to the other wise boxed in space.

On the countertop by the dining area we added a small lamp to make the space feel more cozy. You can also add drapery to add some drama and really complete the area.

You can use code “crystal” for 7% off discount on the cane chairs or anything on the Homary website.

Chairs | Table | Vase | Picture Frames | Fall Foliage | Lamp

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