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After a lot of thought we have decided to call Midway, Utah our home for the next year! We found a place we are going to rent while we finish remodeling our condo in Park City. I didn’t want to rush through this remodel because it is an investment for our family and I want to make it a special place for our family to be able to escape to, as well as other people to come and feel the same! I look forward to exploring and making Midway home for the next year.

One of the main reasons we moved away from New York is because of schooling for our kids specifically one of our children and everything has fallen into place in Midway, schooling wise. I love the small town feel, it is oddly comforting to me to live in a slower pace enviorment. It will be so DIFFERENT than our life in New York. I am going to do my best to not compare as they are both so drastically different and have things I know I will prefer one over the other, but instead I am going to choose to focus on how this change is what our family needed and how we can create good in this new chapter of our lives. Change is always exhilarating to me, I love new adventures and I am going to do my best to channel this energy to my family so we can all focus on the good of this new place we are calling home for the next year.

We have been living in limbo for the past month and that has been hard. I knew things would work out. I always trust that they do when we are thoughtful of our family’s needs. The in-between phase of life is difficult and I think the best thing you can do is to find joy each day in the simple things. We always ask our kids at the end of each day about their highs and lows. They share their highlight of the day and a low (sometimes there isn’t a low but there is always a high no matter what has happened that day).

The exciting thing is we will be so close to so many awesome outdoor activities. We have already discovered some yummy places to eat. Lolas is definitely amazing and would love to hear any of your favorites if you have ever been to Midway.

Thank you for following along our journey! Although we are not in a small apartment anymore we will continue to be intentional with what we bring into our home. I look forward to showing you how we do that this next year (as well as our condo updates and you can see the design plans for that HERE).

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  1. I am so happy for you and your family on this next move. I like following you, you have such a calming disposition and in turn makes me seem to slow down and try to be that way. In a world of constant chaos that is what we need. I also like that you don’t seem to compete with all the other influencers by being a billboard of different products , I know myself don’t want to see all the ads on everybody’s stories that is when I will tap through or just slide to the next story….anywho I might be rambling, so just needed to say I enjoy following you and look foward to the next phase of your adventure!!