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The bay windows in our apartment are so stunning but definitely needed some layers. After living in our apartment for a year we wanted to make some updates to our living room that felt more inviting. I made an appointment to go to Calico. The store had so many beautiful options and patterns (I was scheming all sorts of ways to incorporate drapery)! I decided to keep it neutral but last min we added a velvet deep blue trim that really added the perfect amount of color.

Before shot of the living room:

My visit at the store:

I really love the hardware options. The brass and matte black really had my eye. We decided to go with the black rod. I wanted to stick with naturals like I mentioned. After I ordered the fabric and style I wanted a couple months later I had one of their installers come out to install the drapery. It took the installer just about an hour and he was done! I am so happy to have the extra warmth of these beautiful custom drapery in our main part of our apartment!

For the custom panels, trim, hardware, and installation it cost about $2,000. I think custom drapery really is unique and fits like a glove in the space it is meant to be in. I have had cheap drapes and they just don’t have the same quality.

That deep blue velvet trim is so stunning to me! All in the details.

Definitely added warmth to the space just like we wanted the overall look to feel, clean, welcoming and sophisticated . If you’re interested in custom drapery you can visit Calico to make an appointment. To shop my living room you can HERE.

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