Elle’s Lovely Horse Themed Birthday Party

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We let our kid’s have friend b day parties every other year. This year Elle wanted a horse themed party. It all started with me wanting to rent props and they were so DANG expensive, I got a left over piece of wafer board (would recommend a more finished sheet of wood but worked with what I had) and just painted it! Spent $25 on paint & $7 on the balloon garland (which included everything even the tape strip to create the garland). For $32 I got my back drop I was hoping for.

For the cake I just baked three boxed cake mixes & made the butter cream frosting (used this RECIPE) the frosting was seriously so good, if you have time box cake wasn’t my favorite but maybe I just used the wrong brand. Cookies I hired my friend’s sister to do, it was more of a splurge but the everyone LOVED them and I just don’t know how to decorate cookies so I saved that for the pros.

Painting was such a hit! The girls loved it. Got the cutest mini canvas & easels HERE.

Table & chairs we rented from a local company. They were just their size, all the kids loved them. Couple of the kids asked if they could take a chair home haha! (I mean who wouldn’t want a chair for a party favor, they were some smart girls!)

It was such a rush of a day, whenever we host I never think to get a pic of my family. Reminder to you to take a pic with the family or even with yourself and your kids!

The day went so well and we are so happy with how the party went. Links for everything below:

  1. Paint Pallet Tray / 2. Balloon Horse / 3. Balloon Arch / 4. Mini Canvas/Easel / 5. Wood # Cake Topper / 6. Goodie Bags / 7. Washable Paint / 8. Bandanas / 9. Cake Topper Horse / 10. PiƱata / 11. Paper Products/ Utensils

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