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Drapery is one of those things that most people leave as an afterthought in home design but it can truly bring so much life and style to a room. Without a good pair of curtains framing a window, it’s like getting ready for the day with makeup and clothes but forgetting to accessorize with jewelry, it just leaves something missing.

There are two main ways to add drapery to a window, one is through roman shades and the other one is curtains. Romans shades are good for windows that are too close to the wall where a curtain panel wouldn’t fit, or if there is a heating vent right where a curtain would hang. They also look real classic look! Curtains can make a room look taller, add color or pattern to a room, and of course, give privacy whether with opaque or sheer panels. And of course, for an ultra-luxe look, you can combine both of them which is how I have them in my apt and my aunt’s living room!

The roman shades in my apt and my aunt’s kitchen were custom-made by Claudia Clobes and they did an amazing job!

Aunt’s Kitchen Reveal

My living room drapery is Calico (read about my experience HERE) and both them and Claudia Clobes are custom-made options which are more high-end but really provide a just-right fit for the room.

Aunt’s Living Room Reveal

Tips for Hanging Curtains

  • In order to draw the eye up and make a room feel taller, make sure to hang the rod higher than the actual window and windowsill.
  • Most generic stores only carry up to 84″ curtain lengths which gives you no room to hang your curtains higher. That’s why I like to shop online as there is a larger selection of lengths and looks.
  • A common mistake is not having the rod wide enough on both sides of the window so that the window is partially obscured by the panels. A good rule of thumb is to extend the rod at least 6-10″ on either side of the window frame so that when the curtains are pushed totally open you can see almost all of the window.
  • Another common curtain mistake is the ‘too short’ curtain. It does what pants that are too short do – it cuts off your room (leg) in a really abrupt way, making it look feel short/stubby and awkward. Avoid doing a short curtain at all costs.
  • Let the curtain either slightly float off the floor, just barely “kiss” the floor, or for a really dramatic look, you can let it puddle. It’s fairly easy to hem a curtain so always go for a longer length than shorter.

Favorite Curtains and Roman Shades

Here is a round up of some of great curtains and shades for any look you’re going for!

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