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There are so many reasons I enjoy living in NYC and the main one is all the adventures at my finger tips I get to take with our children. We have lived here for almost 3 years now and here are some of the things we have done and are worth giving a try!

The Color Factory- My kids really had so much fun at this place! I held off going for awhile because It just seemed like a place for IG backdrops but my kids LOVED IT! Especially the end with the ball pit (which just seems like a germ fest pool but hey my kids were in heaven). 
The Camp Store - This is such a fun place to visit. They have this secret door to go through (see image below, it is the shelves with the candy), that leads you to interactive play space and more toys on display. They change the space every few months. It really is such a fun place to visit! 
Sloomooin Institution  - This is a little pricy but it really is such a fun place for adults/kids! My kids could spend hours at this place. They also have a section you can make your own slim. and have slim dumped on you. We were unfortunately in a hurry so had to skip out on that part. Definitely plan to go again! 
Staten Island Ferry To have a little boat ride and see the Statue of Liberty for free, it's not super close but it is a free way to see it and kids love seeing it and having a boat ride! 
The Intrepid Museum- This is fun for all ages. We really enjoy seeing all the air crafts and its just so cool being on an old ship that was in the war now floating in the Hudson. 
The Sea Glass Carousel- So magical to ride at night! But anytime of day is fun to ride it. Also along the Hudson with pretty views and you can spot the Statue of Liberty. 
Brookfield Place- Fun place to go shop, eat, and they have lots of sail boats and the view is just pretty to soak in on the Hudson. There are also a couple of playgrounds close by to let the kids run around and burn energy. 
The High Line- pretty walk on old train tracks enjoy the architecture of NYC from a little higher. 
Chelsea Market- really great options for indoor food (our favorite place is Los Tacos)! Also has retail shops (like Anthropology..also a favorite)!
Rent & Ride Bikes In CP or Across the Brooklyn Bridge 
American Natural History Museum- on the rooftop they have water fountains they turn on in the summer, bring your suits and let the kids run around! And of course you can just enjoy the museum itself which kids love! 
The Vessel - such a beautiful architecture that is modern and unique. To climb up it you need tickets, they are free but you just have to reserve a time (I know some people have had luck just showing up I think but I haven't tried that). We also like to go to Hudson Yard shopping mall they have fun shops and great food options to grab a bit to eat. 
Swedish Cottage Marionette in CP- Really fun little puppet shows for children & families. 
Head to Governor's Island- Such a fun day outing. They have food trucks, and my kids love going on the slide hill (just go earlier in the morning or evening on hot summer days because the slides are metal so they get really hot)! They also have bikes to rent to ride around the island and even a camp ground area if you would like to rent a tent and stay the night. 
The Children's Museum- Great indoor place for kids! They have five levels of fun different interactive play areas for the kids to discover/play. My kids love the basement dance floor area to dress up and dance their hearts out! 
Victoria Garden's - We have gone here every summer and my kids LOVE all the rides and can go on them over and over again! The cool thing about this space is in the summer it is an amusement park and winter it is an ice rink which is also fun! 
Jane's Carousel - OUR favorite carousel! We love to come to Brooklyn and ride the carousel and then go get ice cream at the Brooklyn ice cream factory!  
Ice Cream Museum-  We have heard really great things about this place and have tickets to go in two weeks! So I will update our review of the place soon! But I don't think any child would be disappointed if you told them you are taking them to an Ice Cream Museum! 
Lego Store- We enjoy going to this store they have a room in the back to build legos and of course you can find lots of legos there! It is by the Flat Iron building which is fun to see. They also have some great food places around there to eat like Eataly. 
Coney Island- I put this on here but we have not made it there yet! I have been dying to go! It is on my bucket list for this summer! They also have an aquarium and beach close by so you can make a day of it! 
Freshmade- The cutest cooking class! They make healthy food that my kids really enjoy making and I appreciate them introducing new food to my kids that they haven't had at home. While your food is cooking they take you to a reading area and read the kids a cute food book. 
we found this picture of Elle on kid’s pass.
American Girl Store- A little kids dream store. We took Elle there for her b day last year and she was in heaven picking out her doll and an outfit. They also have a cafe to have brunch/lunch, tea/dinner with your doll, we haven't done the meal part but may do this year since Elle will be older to appreciate it. I heard it is SO fun but the food is just okay and it is pricey for what you get, although the experience is what you are really paying for. 
Domino Playground in Brooklyn! We LOVE this splash-pad it is like the all time best one in NY! It is big so sometimes it is overwhelming to try and keep track of your child if you have more than one. They also have a yummy taco shop right next to it to grab food. Here are some other great list of splash pads . 
The Disney Store in Times Square- Definitely worth venturing to this store if you are a Disney fan! Even if you're not it is impressive. They have a fun place to dress up all day long which my daughter could have easily have done! Lots of candy and toys! They also have free events everyday.  
The Lincoln Center- They have such beautiful, unique performances for all ages! 
The Big Apple Circus- Very entertaining and my kids minds were blown ha! I also appreciated they didn't have any animals it was more acrobats/tricks type performance. 
The New York Transit Museum-  This is so interactive and fun for kids. They have a bunch of old subway train carts that the kids loved seeing and going on. I enjoyed seeing how the designs of the carts changed throughout the years. Over all it was just a fun experience! Tickets are also relatively cheap! 
NYBG- The most beautiful gardens that are so enjoyable to wonder around! They have fun exhibits for kids and its definitely worth taking a trip to! 
Also, don't forget the MET and the MOMA! Both museums are more sophisticated museums but I still enjoy taking my kids to learn about modern day art and history. 

I will continue to add to this post as I am sure I am forgetting some of the fun places we have ventured to, but you can also see our favorite places to eat guide HERE

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