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I am sure we could all use some ways to distract ourselves as well as be proactive during this time we are all being quarantined.

The first thing we did when I found out school was cancelled for the next month (or possible even longer) was created a schedule! This has helped us tremendously! With Taylor now working from home we needed to make sure kids had a regiment so we don’t all drive each other crazy! Here is our schedule- We don’t have a printer so this is our make shift one and below is a template you can create your own daily schedule. (I recommend this with teenagers, and even if you don’t have kids!)

Here is a download for a free daily schedule HERE.

Wakeup! Spruce up! Make beds first thing (seriously feels like you accomplished something just by doing this). 
Start with a healthy breakfast! We love having green smoothies, eggs, whole wheat pancakes, healthy corn muffins with bananas & syrup. -Read scriptures. 
Exercise! I do BBG & the kids will do it alongside of me or they like to do this 25 min work out.  Yoga is also a great way to start the morning. A friend suggested this to me Cosmic Kids Yoga. 
Academic Time- Here are some websites from a friend of mine that was so kind to share! (she home schools!) ABCmouse, Starwars work books are fun and engaging, Education.com, Teaching Text books.  My son's teacher has asked us right now to make sure to do reading (we read scriptures in the morning), write (we have Owen write in his journal ever night or during this time), math (we have him working on flash cards right now). 
Creative Time- Arts & Crafts, music time (Owen practices the piano, Elle plays around on the ukulele). I have had some friend recommend these for arts & crafts- The Creative Hour, Let's Doodle Together, Art for Kids Hub. 
Lunch- Take break eat something.  Most schools are offering school lunch to be picked up if you need it (might also be a nice excuse to go on a walk). 
Arugula feta cheese salad. I just fill a bowl with arugula, drizzle Trader Joe's Goddess dressing over it. sprinkle feta cheese, handful of pistachios and chickpeas! We have this salad a lot for lunch or left overs from dinner.  
Chore Time- I have my kids each clean up their lunch dishes. Then I have them do one-two chores. Monday is laundry day so we all fold laundry, mop the floor, wipe down mirrors/windows or toilets that need to be cleaned. Here is a good chart to go off of if you're wondering what chores may be age appropriate. Although sometimes your kids can do more than you think so if they are up for trying things, let them! 
Click HERE to print out chart. Image from The Crafting Chicks.
Quiet Time/Nap time- Ah we all need this time. I separate my kids let them have books, legos, magna tiles, anything to do that involves being quiet. A nap is always welcomed but a hit and miss for us right now as Elle is 3 and phasing out of it. Even if your kiddos don't nap, quiet time is nice for everyone to decompress. 
Outdoor Time/Free Time- If you can escape to the outdoors and keep social distance that is wonderful! Go on a hike, here is a darling nature scavenger hunt, play soccer, fly kites, jog, etc! Please avoid playgrounds at this time. 
If you're unable to go outside may I recommend the following for free time:

We gave our kids one gift for Christmas two years ago, it was a bounce house and it is still such a treat when we pull it out to let them get energy out!

Here are some free fun online options (all recommended by friends):
Sarah Jane Studios, 12 virtual museum tours, Explore.org , Virtual field trips, Virtual Zoo trips.

Play games! We love Sturdy bird, Quick Cups, Sleepy Queens, kirplunk, Connect four, old maid (classic!), Red light, green light (just got a popsicle stick and cut a small circle from a green piece and a red one, my kids love this simple game).
Dinner Prep/Dinner! Not going to lie we are winging dinner lately (survival mode)..but if you're more on top of life than me, we used to do Clean Eat meals and they were pretty good! 
Bed time! YAY we made it through the day (hopefully not too many tears were shed)! We keep this simple, after dinner kids shower, we dance to the Macarena Song (such a highlight to the kids night!), read stories, lights out, bed time! 

This schedule keeps us very busy and productive everyday. Honestly the days have been going by pretty fast. Some are definitely harder than others and we are at the begging but I am grateful for this opportunity to slow down and really take in this time we get to be together 24/7. For now this is working for us.

“This uncertain time can become an opportunity for meaningful interactions with the children in our lives.”- Creative Hour.

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