Hosting Easter In a Fashionable Way


We are hosting this year and I am so excited to share how we are planning to style our table for our guests. Unfortunately I recently ordered everything (I know, late to the game here), so I won’t be able to show you how it will all look together until Friday (so look out for that post)! Although I am excited to share the links of everything I ordered and also the past two years how we did easter and kept it simple.

You can see last year easter table setting HERE. We were in our NYC apartment and made used what we had to keep it elegant and simple.

Honestly, even a pretty table cloth and flowers would make the table look dressed up and ready for your occasion this Sunday.

Once you set the food on the table it will really make the table feel cozy and welcoming. I always enjoying have candles. Here is the easter round up for this Sunday! Can’t wait to show you what it looks like all put together. Hope this inspires you for this coming Sunday, little effort can go a long ways when hosting (or let’s be honest, hosting is always a lot of work, but WORHT IT).

We finally invested in some wine glasses, I love these because the stem is short making them not so fragile with little kids or having to worry about it getting knocked over.

Easter table setting round up/links

  1. silverware / 2. bunny cake stand / 3. individual egg holder / 4. wood cake pedestal / 5. wine glasses / 6. candle sticks / 7. table cloth / 8. table napkins / 9. napkin ring holders / 10. candle stick holder

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