Father’s Day Gift Guide – 2022


Wanted to share with you some of Tay’s favorite items, they all make such great gifts. (See gift guide below)

As we all know parenting is hard. We can look at our own parents and find things we admire and things we would do drastically different. I recall my Dad telling me when we had our first child that we would make lots of mistakes. It’s brutal but true. We do. One thing I have loved about Tay is watching him grow as a Dad over the years. He is always willing to do self improvement. He works hard on areas he knows are weakness. It has been wonderful parenting along side with him.

Below is a round up of Tay’s favorite things! He is good at researching what he buys and investing in good quality products. Love seeing this list because it is so him and his favorite things! Hopefully it will help anyone who is in a rut for Father’s Day gift ideas!

  1. Bonobos Shirt | 2. Moisturizer Cream | 3. Pizza Oven | 4. Stan Smith Shoes | 5. Beats Fit Pro | 6. Cook Book (one of Tay’s favorites!)| 7. Sunglasses | 8. Chefs Torch | 9. Roller wheel (for your back) | 10. Running Shoes (extremely good quality shoes)

Hope you Enjoy celebrating men in your life who have inspired you and made you feel loved.

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