Gluten Free Pumpkin Cookies


After trying countless recipes that claim to be “the best GF cookies” and simply not living up to the title. I decided to almost give up on baking gluten free pastries/desserts, although when I thought about why the recipes were not turning out it was because of the “all purpose gluten free flour” (which seemed to be in most of the recipes). About to throw in the towel and just make regular ones with the all purpose flour and just hide them from my daughter that has celiac disease (I know mom of the year of here!) I recalled that my husband Tay has been using oat flour to make really good pancakes that I truly can’t tell the difference. I decided to try it out! After messing with the ingredients as I have the general idea of how much basic ingredients to add, I found that oat flour made all the difference!

If you like moist oatmeal cookies you will love these!

This has been such a learning process for us learning how to navigate what someone with celiac disease can have and also how careful we have to be. We quickly discovered oats need to be GF. GF oat flour is actually pretty pricey so we buy the bag of oats and grind them ourselves into flour.

Always love using an ice cream scoop to have a nice round cookie shape.

I love sharing the joys of baking with the girls, they are just as excited as me to see how they turned out.

Here is the verdict:

Cookies on the left didn’t have enough oat flour so I added some more. Always better to not have enough in this case because if you put too much flour it will ruin the batch, not enough you can easily add more!


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