Delicious Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies


We have been on the hunt for delicious gluten free cookies for awhile now. I have found a lot of gluten free flour is not very great (have bought about 4 different brands now). I went to a local restaurant that had gluten free cookies that were amazing and I couldn’t tell they had GF flour in them! I asked the manager what they use and he recommended this flour called Namaste. He said they have tried other GF flours and none of them turn out very good. I immediately ordered the flour and started playing with it in different recipes. We have loved this flour especially with baking!

This one we have made about 5 times now and found it is best to let the dough chill over night. We just store it in a container and then use an ice cream scoop to form the cookies on the cookie sheet.

Enjoy trying this amazing and simple recipe!

*If you don’t cover and chill over night the cookies will be flat (still taste great but if you don’t like flat cookies let them chill over night, I know annoying but worth it!

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