Celebrating Mothers & Gift Guide


Mother’s Day seems to be a joyous celebration or a dreaded one. Joyous for those that have a good relationship with their own mother, joyous because they are one. Dreaded because they don’t have a close relationship with their mom, dreaded because they may not have a mom here on this earth, or may longingly be trying to become a mother.

I hope that no matter what you can find the joy in celebrating women and motherly figures. They shape homes and lives. They are strong.

Losing my mother at the age of two, I longed for her growing up. The loss of her drastically changed my family’s life and in some negative ways that I didn’t understand until I was older. Children are so innocent and truly don’t know any different from their own circumstance. It isn’t until you are older and realize it wasn’t a normal way for a child to be raised. That being said I may have lacked the opportunity of having a mother growing up but I believe it has made me mentally strong and I have had other women in my life that are role models to me.

Growing up, I longed to be a mother one day and to have the opportunity to give my children so much love. As any bystander and especially all mothers, we know it is so hard and exhausting, the day to day attention and needs of children are exhausting, yet it is the most fulfilling part of life. Children bring comfort, they are a gift from God, so fresh, so forgiving, and so innocent. Despite all of the little chaotic moments I am grateful for the peace that these little spirits bring into our home. Their eyes, so full of wonder and curiosity about the world. They are miracles. Having a relationship with children is humbling and refining. I feel honored to be called a Mother and to share in this sacred experience with women around the world.

Now if you will indulge me while I photo dump some pictures of my kids and I. At the bottom of the post there is a mother’s day guide if you need some gift inspiration!

Mother’s day is approaching, here are a few gift guides if you’re in need of some!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

There’s a little bit of everything for everyone, whether that is beauty, practical, comfy or for the more active mom. I hope this guide is helpful for you!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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