Friday Finds — Christmas Decor Guide


I know it seems a little early to do a Christmas decor guide since we haven’t even had Halloween yet, but with all the stock and shipping issues this year I wanted to put together a Christmas decor guide far enough ahead that you could still get decor in time for the season!

I love simple, subtle Christmas decor so I tried to find items that wouldn’t scream Christmas but instead add warmth, coziness and the holiday spirit while keeping it in a neutral palette and making sure that no matter your style it will mesh well. Check out below some of my picks for this season!

This garland is so good! Artificial so it’ll last years but looks real enough and can be used anywhere
A cozy throw is a must have and the subtle trees keep it classy
Greenery is a great way to add life to a home and this cute berry plant is perfect for the holidays
These little guys are so cute and can be placed on your fireplace or coffee table

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