Faux Tree Round-Up + Indoor Tree Rec’s

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With spring here I wanted to do a round-up of faux trees that you could have in your home. While real trees bring life to a home, faux trees can be just as beautiful and the best part is that they’re very low maintenance. Just dust the leaves every month or so and they’ll always look as good as new.

If you have a green thumb or are a newbie and want to try your hand at real trees, I also put together a list of real trees that will make a big statement in your home and are still fairly easy to take care of.

I personally have a real ficus tree in my living room and it brings so much life to the room and the best pop of color. I always try to have a plant in every room because it really adds so much to a room no matter the style!

Here is another ficus tree I got for the surprise remodel I did for my aunt, you can read more about that HERE

Here is the round up for faux trees that you can add to your room!

Indoor Trees to Consider

  • Ficus- Needs lots of light but lots of different types of ficus trees!
  • Rubber Plant — The leaves on the rubber plant can come in lots of different colors so no two are the same. They need lots of light and watering once a week.
  • Parlor Pam — You’ll feel like you have a little bit of the tropics in your home with this one! It does really well in low-light conditions and sporadic watering so perfect for those that don’t want anything too fussy, and it also does a great job at cleaning the air so it’s great for bathrooms!
  • Weeping Fig — This one is fiddle’s less high maintenance cousin. Give it some water and some indirect sunlight and she is good to go
  • Birds of Paradise — The beautiful large, lush leaves will make a statement wherever she is. They do require bright sunlight and lots of humidity so be careful where you plant her!
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig — it’s a classic and it really is not as finicky as people think! (Make sure to clean the leaves often).

One important thing I have noticed from owning real plants is you have to be careful to not over water or under water your plants. We bought this moisture meter to help us know how often we should be watering our plants, it has been so helpful.

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