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Good art is one of those things that you can never have enough of in your home. It is the ultimate room changer, transforming what could be a plain white box to something with a lot of character and personality.

I know it can be a struggle to find original and affordable art. We’re staying away from Big Box stores where everything is boring and mass-produced or art galleries where it can cost you a pretty penny to get original art, so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite places where I shop for art!


Juniper is hands down one of my favorite shops for art. I have a lot of prints from them throughout my house and I love the vibe and look they bring. They have so much variety and you can find something that will suit your style. You can find abstract art, drawings, and lifestyle photography. When you order from them you will get a digital file to download that then you can take it to a shop to print. They do however have oversized prints that they can mail if that is more to your liking!

Botanical I | Botanical II




Another one of my favorites is Minted. Not only do they have super cute gifts and stationery, but they have amazing fine art prints. I love that they partner with artists to provide high-quality art regardless if it’s for a kid’s room or a living room. I also really like that you can get them shipped to your home framed or unframed, which makes it really easy to put together a cohesive gallery wall. Their customer service is super helpful and you can even get a Minted stylist to help you out with picking prints for your home!

“Still 4” | “Still 1”


I love Etsy for unique art and photography. Anyone can sell things on Etsy so there can be a wide variety of art to choose from. You might have to dig around a bit more since the selections are not curated like Minted and Juniper can be, but there are some real gems to be discovered. Also, because most people sell their art themselves it can tend to be a bit more affordable than other places!

Jan Skacelik

If you are looking for really unique, abstract art then look no further than Jan Skacelik. They have such cool geometric prints that add a subtle pop of color to any room. You can find prints but they also have original paintings if you want to spend a little more money and own an original for yourself.

A few more shops…

  • Schoolhouse — If you are looking for cool vintage or eclectic art then check out Schoolhouse. I always know I can find unique art that I won’t be able to find elsewhere. They don’t have a huge selection but it does change often so keep checking for new prints.
  • Perigold — the art in Perigold is definitely more luxurious and as such is a bit more expensive but you know that you will get really good quality art. Browse through their online selection when you are looking for more of an oversized, big statement piece or perhaps a wall sculpture. They have thousands of options so you’re bound to find a piece that will fit in your home!


Thin-Border Frame

Frames are a must when displaying art but sometimes they can be so expensive if you are going to a frame store. While you might have to go there if you have a custom-sized print, there are lots of affordable frames that you can get in stores and online. Here are some of my go-to’s:

  • Framebridge — Your one-stop shop for all your framing needs! You can upload digital files for them to print and ship or they can send out pre-addressed mailers (either tubes or boxes) for you to send your art to them and then a few weeks later you get the art in the mail. Very customizable and starting at $39 it’s affordable enough for when you really want something special framed.
  • Ikea — If your prints are general sizes then Ikea is a great spot to check out! Their frames are very affordable and while they are not the highest quality around, they don’t look cheap either. You can also see them in person which is convenient when you can’t decide which kind of frame you want!
  • Art to Frames — Another online option that is similar to Framebridge. They have a wide variety of framing options such as canvas prints, shadow box frames, oval frames, and even gallery walls!
  • Minted — If you are already purchasing art from Minted then why not go ahead and get your frames from there as well? They pride themselves on really high-quality framing with a wide variety of different frames, finishes, and sizes.
  • Overstock — We had great luck with our black frames from overstock so check them out! They really only cater to general sizing but they are very affordable and are always running sales so it’s a great place to get some of the more basic frames.
  • Goodwill/Craiglist/FB Marketplace — These ones are hit and miss but if you want something pretty unique (and often at a really good price) then there is no better place than thrifting whether is online or in person. You might have to look for a while but it’s very satisfying to find a one-of-a-kind frame for your one-of-a-kind print!

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