Small Kitchen Organization


Like us, I know not everyone has the luxury of a walk-in pantry or even a pantry in general. We have a pretty small kitchen and every nook and cranny needs to serve us a purpose in order to maximize our storage. I’ve gotten quite good at paring down the things I own and also utilizing different tools and containers to make sure it not only looks good but also functions well for us!

Things can get overwhelming and messy in a small space so it’s crucial to contain like items in the same place. That’s why I love using baskets and glass/plastic containers to corral items together. In the containers, you can decant things like rice, beans, cereal, flour, and sugar. It keeps the food fresher longer and also eliminates the visual clutter that the original wrapping can have. For things that need to stay in their wrapper, you can use baskets. Those would be things like applesauce pouches, granola bars, chips, etc. You can even have designated zones, such as a snack zone, bread zone, chip zone, and so on.

The fridge is another place where food can easily get out of hand so I love these acrylic containers to corral things together. Since they’re all clear I can see what is in each container and it keeps a cohesive look.

These spice jars and labels keep everything looking really neat and easy to find!

This kitchen cart (similar) has been so useful for us! We’ve been able to stash lots of little things in the drawers and the shelves allow me to use baskets to store food and other things like kitchen towels.

Here is a round up of the rest of the items I love and use in my home. I hope this helps you organize your kitchen a little better!

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