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Life in NYC

Tay and I lived in Utah for the first seven years of our marriage (we did move back east for one summer but otherwise have spent the majority of our time in the mountain west). Three years ago Tay’s job brought us out to NYC. I had no idea those would be some of the best years of our marriage but they were and I feel so grateful for the life we have made together and continue to work on building everyday.

I was 19 years old when Tay and I met, he was 21 (BABIES!). I had known Tay since I was 14 years old, he was one of my brother’s best friends. We both were dating other people but finally found interest in each other when Taylor returned home from his mission that he served for our church. Tay made it so easy to love him. We both didn’t even try to impress each other it was just a natural connection.

Tay tried to kiss me on the first date, I felt like it would be neat to save our first kiss so I made him wait to kiss me for a month, which was so hard, especially with how much time we were spending together. That first kiss was amazing and after that we couldn’t be separated. Tay told me he wanted to marry me and after a lot of thought and prayer we both felt good about it.

The ring Tay got me was simple and pretty, it was all we could afford at the time. A year later I broke out with a horrible, itchy, rash and had to put ointment on my hands every day and wear white gloves (I looked like mini mouse). Unfortunately, I was allergic to my wedding ring. For the next 9 years I wore cheap rings from target and H&M.

Tay kept asking for our anniversary if I would like to go on a trip or get a new ring, I always chose to go on a trip. At the time the memories made on a trip meant so much to me (they still do)!. This year was our 10 year anniversary, once again I would have chosen a trip but COVID happened. It was a choice made for me, I don’t think I could have ever chosen a ring, it was nice to be forced to not go on a trip.

Tay picked out the most beautiful ring for me from Sarah O. Jewelry. They were incredible to work with. We accidentally gave them the wrong sizing and they quickly resized it and got it back to us so fast. Tay surprised me with it while we were on a morning date in Central Park (you can see in my IG story highlights).

I was all sweaty from the humidity when he surprised me with the ring so I went home and got all fancy, because the occasion called for it! I had no idea how much a ring would mean to me. I always thought it was just a “ring” but it isn’t, it is a symbol of our marriage. I am his, he is mine. I always feel so proud to wear it, the ring has not left my body since I got it!

Ring from Sarah O. Jewelry. Her rings are stunning and affordable!
Closer look at the ring. It truly is timeless.

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