Leaving Our Beloved New York City

Life in NYC

We officially made the decision to move last Friday June 11th. It was so clear, we have been wrestling with this idea for a few months but just thought we would stay one more year. After heavily considering our children’s needs we decided it would be best for our whole family to move. When we came to this decision tears started streaming down my face as I thought of each one of my dear friends and all the amazing people we have met here. My heart hurt but a BIG weight was taken off me. I felt such a sense of peace that this was the right thing for our family. We put in our notice to our landlord that we were leaving and just like that we have until next Friday to sale/get rid of/pack up all of our stuff.

We have been spending hours looking all over the US and trying to decide where we want to take our family next (mainly considering, schools for our kids and Tay’s job since I can work remotely). After a lot of thought we narrowed it down to a couple of different options, details to come! Thinking Arizona or Florida but in the mean time we plan to put our stuff in storage while I tackle my next project renovating the condo we just purchased in Park City, Utah which we are SO EXCITED ABOUT it! I can’t wait to show you the condo and all the plans we have for it! We are working on getting permits to remodel the condo and finding a GC (General Contractor). A lot of moving parts that we are looking forward to.

Closing this chapter will be SO hard, Tay and I have been so grateful to experience life in one of the greatest cities in the world. We have grown closer together in so many ways as a couple. We had the privilege of having Madeleine here surrounded by friends that loved and helped us since we had no family around. I am forever grateful for the past 4 years in developing and learning from so many amazing people. Now we are saying goodbye to this charming apartment on the UWS.

Remember when I painted the cabinets? It was worth it! I was 7 months pregnant with Madeleine and I loved being able to make the space feel like home for our family for the two years we were here.

Truly such a great space! I won’t miss living in an apartment with downstairs neighbors that I stress about upsetting but I will miss the city and walking everywhere. I look forward to sharing more about our condo we are closing on next week!

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