Oahu, Hawaii, Best Places to Eat and Visit!


After spending the past few months working on this project. Tay planned this fun getaway for our family to Oahu. We rented an airbnb it was right on the beach which made it so dreamy! Definitely an older space and the cleaning lady warned us to avoid the two level space in the summer because it gets so hot but for us it was fine. We absolutely loved the view and the yard. The place had lots of sand toys for the kids which was great and you just can’t beat the views. The host was also extremely gracious.

Trips with kids are definitely not as relaxing but we just try to keep things more simple and the key with bringing our kids along has been being FLEXIBLE! Everyday we tried to do one simple activity (like a hike, or some little adventure) and made sure to have some down time so we could go out again and play. Madeleine is at a harder stage of life to travel with but we don’t let that stop us from taking trips as a family. They can be tiring but definitely worth it.

Food Recommendations from YOU:

  • Ted’s Bakery
  • Papa ole’s
  • Rainbows
  • Paalakai Bakery
  • Giovanni’s Shrimp truck (in Haleiwa)
  • Noods Romen Bar
  • Kahuku Farms
  • Panda Thai
  • Uncle clays shave ice
  • Sunrise shack
  • Haleiwa Joes
  • foodland for poke
  • Ono Poke
  • Leonard’s bakery
  • Matusmoto shaved ice
  • Food trucks near sharks Cove
  • Heavenly in Waikiki
  • Pounders
  • Beets Cafe
  • Breakers

Our favorite food places:

  • Farm to Barn (really everything we got on the menu was good)
  • Leonard’s (the most amazing Portuguese donuts!)
  • Konos (delicious breakfast burritos we got almost every morning)
  • Hawaiians Best Fish tacos (our opinion they weren’t the best, BUT they were good tortillas were just store bought nothing too special)
  • Ted’s bakery -good Hawaiian BBQ also know for their pies (which pies seemed decent not fabulous coming from foodie New Yorkers haha)
  • Haleiwa Joes (nice sit down restaurant)
  • 7 brothers (amazing shrimp and hamburgers)
  • Haleiwa bowls (really yummy açaí bowls!)

-A lot of food trucks had some really delicious options that we would go to for dinner.

Beautiful Beaches to visit & Activities to do:


  • Kawela Bay
  • Lanikai Beach
  • Turtle Beach
  • Makapu’s beach
  • Diamond park trail hike
  • China walls
  • Waimea Bay beach park
  • Waimea Falls (such a beautiful little trek there and then you get to swim in this stunning waterfall area (It did cost money to do, about $20 for adults and $12 for kids)
  • The Pearl Harbor Museum (we didn’t do this but heard it is so cool, you need to make reservations in advance)

This is Waimea Falls, little pricey but we really enjoyed doing this, easy fun family activity.

While waiting to eat at Haleiwa Joe’s we went over to see all the boats at the boat doc, they have boat tours you can do but we just enjoyed walking around looking at the boats with the kids.

This is the beach in front of the place we stayed in Waialua.

We went on this gorgeous hike, Kaena point. It was mainly flat great for kids and runs along a beach when you first start. After we were done (we didn’t finish the hike with all three kids our toddler doesn’t love hiking or walking in general haha so we went as far as we could.) We played at the beach afterwards at the head of the trail.

Makapu’s beach was stunning and we came here because we looked up the best boogie boarding beaches and this place looked amazing. It definitely was but the waves were just too big for our kids so we played on the beach and watched the locals show us how it is done!

Our last day there we enjoy this short fun hike, Diamond head. It was Kinda steep but only around 1 mile up to the top.

Kawela Bay was so majestical, we went through a little forest to get to this beach. It started to rain lightly and we had the whole beach to ourselves! Tay ran across the street to buy fresh fruit at a little outdoor stand and it was so pricy but we were living our best lives.

Lanikai Beach was incredible more crowded, great place to rent kayaks, go snorkeling, (there is a little island to go out to). Only downside was no shade so we didn’t stay long because we were trying to protect Madeleine’s fair skin.

China wall was a unique fun spot. Right off of a really nice neighborhood. We were the only family there and I only got this one picture of Owen jumping in the water because I had to watch Elle and Madeleine with my life haha! I was so worried they were going to fall in. There were a lot of younger adults, seemed like a fun hang out spot but with kids it is more of a cool lets look and leave so I don’t have to worry about you falling off the rocks and drowning.

Traveling during Covid* On the flight everyone has to wear a mask the whole time unless you’re eating. The airport was the same. Hawaii was pretty open but things tend to close a lot earlier. If you want to do activities or go places (such as skydiving, museums, tours, etc.) call ahead and make sure to make an apt or check hours. Overall we felt safe traveling and everyone was very cautious.

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