Mexico Trip- Tulum & Playa Del Carmen



We stayed at Kai Tulum, we were in a villa that was bright and airy (very clean), and on the beach. We could walk so many places, bike (they had bikes to reserve at the hotel for $17 a day per bike), we rode the side by side a lot that we rented.

Things to do:

  • Cenotes (we went to the cenote dos ojos but there are other ones to, all I hear are pretty cool just remember to bring cash to pay for it if you don’t book online).
  • Tulum Ruins (We went mid day and I highly recommend going earlier in the morning or later in the evening because it was SO hot) I also wouldn’t put this on my high to do list but it was right by where we stayed so we just walked over and it was still interesting to walk around.
  • Private sailing tour
  • Massages – Most hotels you stay at offer them or we found some local places that were cheaper to.
  • HERE as a lot of other recommendations (horse back riding on the beach, tours, ATV rides, zip-lining, food tours, etc.) we personally don’t like doing tours but enjoyed eating in Tulum (that counts as an activity in our book!), food recommendations below.
  • Shopping-there are so many local shops that sell some fun items we don’t normally bring gifts home for the kids but they had some really cute stuff to buy.
Our Resort @ Kahi Tulum
Cenotes Dos Ojos
Tulum Ruins

Playa del Carmen:

We stayed at Viceroy Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen. This also included the layout of us having our own villa and little heated pool, out door shower. This place felt more dark in regards to the interior but it was still really nice and clean. Mattress wasn’t comfortable and on weekends there is a club by the resort that is pretty loud at night until like midnight (just FYI). Staff was absolutely incredible and VERY attentive to us and any questions we had. Even knew our last name Mrs Nielsen, how are you!

Activities we did:

  • Massage – I don’t know the last time I had a massage that good!
  • Snorkeling tour – we don’t love tours like I mentioned but it made it so easy and fun to hope on a catamaran and got to different beautiful spots to snorkel (they had the gear and then took us to a resort to eat lunch).
  • Aside from that we hung out at our hotel, they had enough for us to keep busy/relax there.
On our snorkeling tour! Never have seen such clear water!
We got around on a side by side but ended up getting a scooter because it was cheaper and easier to get around everyday.
Viceroy Resort

Food Places:


There were so many good places to eat down the road and around Tulum we never really ate the restaurant there at the resort although we did get pina coladas and they were so delicious! We were only in Tulum for two days and here is what we loved most:

  • Arca – contemporary Mexican food (our favorite, we went there for dinner amazing quality food. The drinks and appetizers were delicious! pictures below of what we ordered)
  • DelCielo – really good breakfast (chocolate croissant, avocado toast, ruevos rancheros, acai bowl. All tasted very good!)
  • Taqueria Honorio – tacos (our favorite was the pork tacos)
  • Fresco- Breakfast (french toast, acai bowl, avocado toast, we shared all of it and it was affordable and very good)
  • Mezzanine- Thai food (resort on the beach open to anyone to dine)

Food recommendations by you (I looked them up and they all look worthy of trying):

  • NU Tulum (they have an amazing dinner menu)
  • Heartwood
  • Safari Comedor Zama
  • Kin Toh
  • Posada Margherita (we were so bummed to not make it to this place!)
  • Habitas
  • Casa Jaguar
  • El Asadero
  • Raw Love
  • Mateos
  • Matcha Mama
  • Gitano
  • Kitchen Table
DelCielo – great breakfast spot!
Arca- A MUST TRY. Like don’t go to Tulum and not eat here for dinner.
Also Arca-it was fantastic and the service was fabulous.
Arca- drinks were also worth trying, we got mock-tails that were very good.
Fresco – simple breakfast cafe but really flavorful!


We mainly ate at the resort breakfast was included (dinner was a real Mexican restaurant that was so good).

A few food places we enjoyed:

  • Carnitas” El Patio (tasty tacos)
  • Alux Restaurant Bar and Lounge

If you find yourself trying any of these places let me know what you think! Such a beautiful place to be immersed in and enjoy a different culture.

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