Kitchen -Styling, keeping it Functional & Pretty

Design Tips

From living in our small 20 square foot kitchen to this larger one I can honestly say what made them both more cozy is styling them. Bringing in our own personatlity through decor, Adding layers, keeping the countertop clutter free. Investing in things you do want out on the counter to be pretty & functional!

Layering objects is the best way to style. Like the cutting board and then adding the lamp in front of it. Always looks good to have a variation in heights as well.

As I mentioned about functional daily use items, like soap and a dish scrub, I am here to tell ya, you don’t have to have a plastic Dawn bottle & lime green sponge pad out. I spend a little more so when I do the dishes EVERYDAY I have pretty sponges & dish soap bottle to look at. (link to everything below)

I don’t always have fresh greens in a vase but when I do it just makes my kitchen happy! (these were just from the store for $6!)

Simple but makes such a big impact to make a space feel more complete.

Links to Products:

  1. Board pedestal / 2. Smeg toaster /3. White cutting board /4. oar cutting board / 5. wood bowl / 6. vase / 7. lamp / 8. fridge / 9. round cutting board / 10. dutch oven pot / 11. soap bottles / 12. pedestal wood bowl / 13. utensil holder / 14. oven / 15. bowls / 16. stool / 17. dish brush / 18. plates / 19. Runner / 20. Stools

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