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We have had this awkward space between the fireplace and the bookshelves for a year and now I finally braved doing a gallery wall to fill in the gap. I have liked having it blank for a year but it is fun to have this change, makes the space fill more personal and homey. I am going to share how we did our gallery wall (you can also see more details in my IG story highlights).

Before (with the blank wall):

When creating a gallery wall it is best to lay it all out on the ground and map out how you want it to look. It is so helpful visually to see it before you put it all up on the wall. I have seen where some people use paper to cut out and map it on the wall like this image VIA Pinterest (see below).

When I hung our gallery wall, I marked where the nail would go by measuring from the top of the wire to the top of the frame.

We are so happy with how it turned out, even when I hung the pictures I switched a couple frames around, so don’t be afraid to mix things around.

I got most of our frames from MINTED, IKEA, and goodwill as well as the two vintage frames I found on the street headed for trash! Most the prints I bought digital downloads from Juniper Prints.

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