Friday Finds — Kitchen Countertop Decor

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Today I have for you one of the best ways (and most fun!) to decorate a kitchen, and that is using your countertop space. You don’t have to just have appliances and drying rack on there, but you can spice things up with a few well placed items. I really like decorating with cutting and serving boards as you can see in my NYC kitchen. They’re easy to stack up and the wood brings much needed warmth to the kitchen. I also like adding a vase with a plant or flowers, whether it’s a real plant or fake!

Some of the other fun ways to decorate can also be functional such as a lazy susan that corrals needed items like a salt container, oil vessel or utensil holder. And don’t forget to make sure that even washing your hands or dishes is still stylish! Check out how I styled my own kitchen below as well as an inspo pic and a round-up of items will make any kitchen countertop look the best!

Loved decorating our cute little kitchen in our NYC apartment
Image via Pinterest

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